Professor Xavier of the X-Men is Evil and a Mind Rapist

This is no small claim so I will begin with a fact. According to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, rape is defined as “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception” The number two definition is simply “an outrageous violation”. I will be concentrating on that 2nd definition and speaking to a forced violation into the mind of another against their will or even against their ability to object. In this case, the act is not physical but instead carried out in one’s mind. The term ‘mind rape’ has not made it into official lexicons likely because it is widely believed that telepaths do not exist. In the Marvel comics they do exist and the character, Professor Charles Xavier is considered to be chief among them.

There is no law in our world against entering a person’s mind, again because it is not to be believed that such a thing is possible but there are laws against coercion. There are also laws against invasion of both property and privacy. Professor X and many other Marvel telepaths have invaded the minds of others, stolen their thoughts, changed and erased memories, put people into a coma, driven people insane, and even controlled them outright, all without consent. I would argue that it is more invasive violation than physical, sexual, rape as in those cases you still have your own thoughts. I have been taught that rape is actually about power.

One should not make such accusations without evidence so I offer submit to you the following but before I do, consider how you would feel if a family member, police officer, ex-partner, or random stranger could do any of these things to you without you being able to defend yourself or even say NO. The acts below were carried out by Professor X against people close to him.

In New X-Men #21, Charles Xavier, in the womb, sensed that his twin sister was evil and used his mutant powers before birth to try to kill her before she could be born. The correct term is Sororicide. How you can sense ‘evil’ as a fetus is questionable enough but murder too?

Charles Xavier is considered to be a genius but there may be some falsehood there. He cheated at school and in sports by reading other people’s minds and used that information to excel among his peers. This makes that ‘genius’ designation rather questionable.

Jean Grey was a young girl with mutant powers when Charles Xavier found her. She had two different powers — telekinesis and telepathy. Charles decided he needed to protect her from herself and put a block in her mind to keep her from knowing about and accessing her psychic powers. He did this without her consent or knowledge. This event led to the creation of the Dark Phoenix and all the deaths at her hands. Oh and he’s been in love with her since she was a child.

Originally Wolverine was sent to assassinate Professor X and failed. Instead, in Wolverine: Origins #29, it was revealed that Charles went into Logan’s already damaged and fractured mind and reprogrammed Logan into thinking he came to join the X-Men. He wanted Wolverine as his weapon. What about this isn’t brainwashing?

In Deadly Genesis the original X-Men had been captured all except for Cyclops. Professor X sent a team that included Cyclops, Sway, Darwin, Havok, and Petra to save them. Every member of this team died except for Cyclops. Charles then wiped Cyclops’ memory and acted like the mutants never existed. He later wiped Scott’s memory of his brother Vulcan. After the X-Men found out they kicked him out of the mansion.

He enslaved an artificial intelligence. The danger room was built with alien technology and eventually became sentient, a life unto itself. That life form reached out to Professor X for help. Charles instead forced the danger room to continue to do his bidding for years until it finally found a way to escape and confront him directly.

Professor Charles Xavier has repeated forced himself into the minds of others without their consent and continues to do so in the comics. It is a violation into the deepest part of who you are and is carried out by force. It is rape and it is done to serve his agenda. It is morally reprehensible and despicable. What if he did these things to someone you care about? What if he did these things to you?

Now you have my conclusion. What do you think? Was the evidence provided sufficient to prove my claim? Share your thoughts in the comments.