The Problem With Heroes

The problem with heroes, super or otherwise, is often in the motivation of the hero. The author of the hero’s journey often goes to great lengths to display the motives and the character of the hero as “just” and “morally righteous.”

Recently it was asked, who would win if Hawkeye went up against Bullseye? The hero is more often than not written in such a way that cripples her/him by obligation. The villain or anti-villain has no such tendency.  She has free reign to act on every whim, each impulse that emerges from the unencumbered. The hero? The hero is only obligated to the way things are. Once the status quo is unbalanced, the hero is activated. This doesn’t mean I’m waiting for Superman to walk into a Congressional meeting and plead with them that might makes right. Or for Spider-Man to see it as his great responsibility to influence society.
No, this is merely a comment on the condition of things—an observation without remedy, without countermeasure.